Knowledge is power, it can be part of your power as well. As a provider of high end telecommunication equipment, Netronics relies on the technical knowledge of its partners and clients. It helps them recognize the abilities of the proposed solutions and make best of the features to achieve the goals in their organizations.

The higher the technology offered the more severe is the need for professional training. Having trainers with more than 12 years of experience in professional trainings, Netronics have been able to cope with the ever changing networking and telecom technology and keep its staff, partners and clients on the leading edge.

We can help you empower your professional skills by learning the new technologies. Nothing can give you the overall view on a technology, other than deep and professionally presented theoretical information complimented with hands-on-experience in a well equipped lab.

After passing the training and its exam a certificate will be issued for all attendants passing the exam successfully. The Netronics certificate is a proof of your knowledge and expertise in telecommunication.

We can take you to the front end and keep you there. Send your request to apply for a training that matches your professional background and your field of interest.


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