NetAstra Product Family

High Capacity Point to Multi-Point
Connectivity Solutions

NetAtra ODU
  • High capacity sector base station
  • Up to 250 Mbps aggregated throughput
  • Outstanding short and constant latency
  • Support up to 32 SUs
  • Long cell radius – up to 40 km/25 miles
  • Single radio supporting multiple bands
  • Excellent operation in nLOS and NLOS scenarios

With the ever growing need for connectivity at high speeds and the expanding enterprises, government organizations and industries using wireless broadband connectivity as their main communication platform, the need for a point to multipoint wireless networking solution is becoming obvious.

The ultimate solution should be robust, reliable, efficient and expandable. Moreover the capacities delivered by point to multipoint solutions usually available in the market are not enough for today's and future demands of the end users.

Adding to this complexity is the fact that due to sensitivity to interference, and the contention based nature of     typical point to multipoint wireless networking
solutions in the market; they can’t be used in big cities, where they are really needed.

NetAstra is a high capacity point to multipoint wireless networking solution offering 250 Mbps throughput delivered to up to 16 sub stations. Thanks to its proprietary air frame, NetAstra precisely schedules the time slots allocated to each SU preventing the contention between the SUs for bandwidth.

NetAstra can be used in many point to multipoint connectivity scenarios. The backbone connection can be through the AU or it can be connected to one of the SUs.

NetPoint Pro n Schematic


By combining the reliability, capacity and long distance of NetStream point to point links with capabilities of a NetAstra point to multi-point network, it is possible to build huge networks handling mission critical tasks city, metropolitan and national level.


  • Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies
  • Enhanced interference mitigation capability
  • Robust and reliable to operate in tough conditions, extreme temperatures
  • Non-contention based operation of SUs thanks to scheduled air frame
  • Different SU capacities to serve customers with various capacity requirements
  • Dedicated traffic resource allocation ensuring SLA & latency

Non-Contention Access Control Method

NetAstra Air Frame Time Cycle

The AU is using a 80 ms air frame which is divided to 64 time slots of 1.25 ms each. Stations are given fixed time frame and they will communicate based on the time frame given to them and not based on contention for bandwidth.

Different SU Capacities

Station Units (SU) are available in different capacities including 50 Mbps / 20 Mbps / 10 Mbps and 5 Mbps. The client is paying only for the resources needed to provide the required capacity. Once the network is properly designed, cost efficiency is guaranteed.

Guaranteed SLA

As Station Units are occupying preconfigured time slots, the AU knows exactly when to transmit to which SU. This eliminated the risk of one SU getting interfered and switches to lower modulation causing the whole sector capacity to go down. As there is pre-assigned time slots to each SU the capacity delivered at each SU can be guaranteed. This enables the operator to sell more reliable bandwidth in an ISP, or makes it possible to use the system for high end video surveillance.

Video Surveillance

The demand for high end video surveillance systems has never dropped in the last decade. High capacity and robust point to multi point net


High Capacity Internet Bandwidth Delivery

With 250 Mbps sector capacity, possibility of multiple sectors co-located on the same tower, and the guaranteed SLA capability, NetAstra is the ultimate choice for delivery of high capacity bandwidth to reliability sensitive clients.

The guaranteed SLA capability categorizes the network as a mission critical network, enabling the operator to charge extra due to reliable connectivity. This in turn ensures shorter ROI and better profitability.


Backbone for Metro WiFi Networks

NetAstra can make Internet bandwidth available with high capacity and high reliability even in nLOS conditions. This makes NetAstra the solution of choice for providing back haul for outdoor super base stations like NetPoint Pro.


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