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As a company with high technology products and services in the core of activities, Netronics is a company who cares a lot about its customers. This comes from fact that Netronics is a provider of premium quality products and solutions.

The close dialogue with customers has helped Netronics understand the concerns and the market trends. This leads to more responsiveness in providing solutions for customer’s concerns. Netronics has been working hard to provide you with the best quality products through a professional and well trained distribution network. Reporting your case will help us provide you and others with better service.

The form below can be used to report your concerns about the features of products, they way they are presented to you as a customer, the issues you might have with the distributor or local reseller who help you acquire and maintain your Netronics products, and any other cases affecting your general experience with a Netronics product.

The form below also can be used to express your suggestions to improve the products and the way they are presented and maintained. Your feedback is reviewed by management and you will have a response to your concerns in a reasonable time frame.

Please do not use this form for technical support. Click here to access the technical support page.

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