Municipal Application

Netronics: Empowering the Community

Leave politics out of the equation; when it comes to the success of local government, the only true benchmark for public satisfaction is quality of life. From small rural townships and large counties to the sprawl and bustle of urban centers, maintaining the integrity and comfort of “the Community” is a complex sequence of challenges

Netronics in the Municipality: Wire less. Do more

Making it all work depends on efficient communications networking among a large variety of players, including major utility companies, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, traffic control, sanitation and public health services, and more. Employing Netronics broadband wireless communications equipment in the municipality overcomes networking obstacles, transcends departmental boundaries and builds bridges to seamless interoperability – exactly what local government is mandated to do in the service of the public’s best interests.

Government departments that work together over a single integrated network achieve greater results. Wireless is an enabling technology that empowers communities with the ability to own a versatile, cost-effective and robust network infrastructure that addresses complex communication challenges with straightforward solutions. It eliminates the exorbitant recurring costs of leased lines and empowers municipalities and the communities they serve with the ability to own a robust, future-proof network capable of delivering myriad services to a wide variety of users.

Deploying Netronics wireless systems enables every vital link in the community service chain to communicate, share mission critical data and access information in real time.

Wireless makes the community infrastructure a well-oiled machine, rendering every municipal player transparent to its dependent counterpart. It facilitates collaboration; eases inter-departmental cooperation; eliminates wasted manpower hours and bureaucratic snags; and enables the attainment of better efficiency and result-oriented services for all.

Netronics systems benefit communities on many levels, from how their neighborhoods are protected (surveillance and law enforcement) to how their children are educated (distance learning programs and remote access to libraries) to how smoothly they get to work every morning (intelligent traffic control).


Wireless is the missing Win-Win piece in the community communications Puzzle.

Deploying Netronics broadband wireless solution in areas where broadband services are simply not available changes the entire character of the community. Residential neighborhoods can enjoy broadband Internet access connectivity; suburban commuters can also work from home and download vital files and applications from their enterprise’s server; and local businesses can stay local while simultaneously hooking up to the world of global commerce



Oil, Gas and Industrial Communications

Remote Control

Water levels and operations at remote pump houses are monitored from headquarters, saving manual effort while ensuring continued operation.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Seismic surveys create vast amounts of data in remote locations. Now that data can be wirelessly sent back to headquarters for immediate analysis.

GPS Positioning

Maintain accurate positioning by accessing real-time online 3D geological maps. This enables cross-checking of the reported physical GPS location to ensure collection of the appropriate material.

Real Time Geological Data

Real-time geological data is a major asset in the constant-shaping pit mine structure. Netronics wireless communication supports large volume files, making it easy to send on-site test results to headquarters for analysis. This saves travel time and makes updates faster.

Vehicle Dispatch

Wireless communication improves productivity through easy control and monitoring of trucks and tractors. Vehicles are assigned using the Dispatch software for quick and efficient deployment.

On-site Office Solution

Work crews using small vehicles can connect to VoIP and access mining applications while on site.

Structure Stability Monitoring

Oil & gas, mining, refining and other industrial operations include moving and re-locatable assets. Continuously and effortlessly track the location of every critical asset in the field, in real time, to improve operations and to enhance safety and security.

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