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About Netronics

Netronics Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of networking and communications equipment based in Ontario, Canada. Our product portfolio consists of data and voice communications and networking equipment based on the latest radio, laser and wireless communication technologies.

Since 1996, Netronics Communications, a subsidiary of Netronics Technologies, have provided its market with high quality and highly reliable carrier class equipment serving the different market sectors from large government organizations, to enterprises in oil and gas and banking sector, to telecom service providers, and down to small Internet service providers.

Netronics is a one stop shop for wireless communications and voice/data transmission equipment needed for today's bandwidth thirsty market.

"Netronics has one of the widest ranges of wireless networking solutions under a single brand"

Netronics has successfully leveraged its technical knowledge in provision of connectivity to urban and rural areas in many developing countries, where wireless communications is the most suitable type of connectivity solution.

Netronics has utilized a deep knowledge of radio technology to offer a complete range of connectivity solutions with suitable products for applications in different sizes and functionalities.

Our rich portfolio includes the performance leading NetAxis, the high performance microwave backhauling solutions in 6 to 38 GHz licensed frequencies. The most complete set of supported frequencies, a wide range of interfaces, full Ethernet capacity out of the box (no capacity increment software license) and attractive price per bit ratio have turned NetAxis into a suitable solution for different applications of the microwave technology.

Radio network planning service in a professional manner is offered buy our radio planning and link design team. A complete report about the achievable capacity, antenna type, tower height and redundancy/diversity requirements along with availability percentage is provided for the coordinates submitted by clients.

The high throughput and extremely reliable NetStream series made it possible for our clients to provide high availability high speed solutions to their users with one of the best price/performance ratios in the market.

"Performance, reliability and durability that is second to no one in the industry"

NetStream product family of TDM native synchronous wireless links can transfer TDM traffic like E1 and T1 lines along with IP traffic with a well matured, robust and extremely reliable set of radio equipment. The wide range of products in this family ensures we can offer a suitable carrier class product for every application and every budget.

NetAstra product family of point to multipoint wireless networking solutions offers base stations with one of the highest sector capacities in the industry.  A wide range of subscriber units in different capacities have provided the flexibility needed for a cost efficient point to multipoint design. 

Using NetPoint Pro series, outdoor coverage for connectivity with high population of WiFi users can be provided. NetPoint Pro is a super access point with multiple radio/multiple beam functionality equipped with a market leading beam forming technology. The technology makes it possible to connect clients with small WiFi radios in long distances, while interference from unwanted sources are drastically attenuated.

NetPrecis is another member of Netronics radio networking product set offering high capacity and ultra long range links for point to point connectivity in rural and remote locations. It can offer ranges up to 250 km and can reach a total capacity of 65 Mbps. NetPrecis is a future proof modular system with extremely high reliability and radio accuracy. NetPrecis is available in frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 2.7 GHz..

NetFortis is the product line designed for radio connectivity of SCADA, remote monitoring and control application in different industries. With its ruggedized enclosure and wide operational temperature range NetFortis is the ideal radio connectivity solution in oil/gas, power and utility, traffic control and many other applications.

NetGlide offers a unique technology for indoor WiFi coverage solving the well known microcell problem for indoor coverage in large and crowded buildings. NetGlide improves the user experience with WiFi systems by covering the whole building with a single WiFi blanket consisting of Ultra thin access points connected to access point controller.

Netronics wireless communications solutions have been tested in different environmental conditions from very cold to extremely hot weather and have provided the performance, reliability and durability that is second to no one in the industry.

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Netronics Communications Inc.

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