Tools and Accessories

High Performance Antennas

The superior quality of the radio transmission equipment can not be delivered without connecting them to antennas of the same quality and durability level. In terms of performance and availability ratings, the investment in the expensive radio equipment can be insured by using high performance and reliable antennas. Netronics is a provider of high performance and extremely reliable antennas matching with the quality of its radio communications equipment.(more)

Heavy Duty Cables

Wireless communications equipment with outdoor use are built with weatherproof enclosures, but getting them connected to indoor equipment requires cables with outdoor weatherproof characteristics as well. Using a high quality UV protected cable with proper temperature rating guarantees trouble free operation of the system for its whole life cycles. (more)

Special Power Supplies

A highly reliable power source is essential for operation of mission critical communication system. Netronics provides a set of various power supply solutions for different application and with different temperature and voltage levels. (more)

Wireless Coverage Tools

Netronics Coverage Tool (WCT) enables you to easily test the coverage of NetronicsWBS-2400 base stations in their actual locations. This takes the guessing game out of your installation process and allows you to optimize your site selection and network coverage.(more)

Wind and Solar Power Supplies

Wireless networking solutions are most of the time installed in rural areas with no reliable grid power availability or in cities in developing countries when power is not available in all 24 hours of the day. Powering the wireless equipment with solar and wind power sources ensures the smooth operation of the systems with one time initial investment and very low maintenance cost. (more)


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