A unified WiFi blanket for indoor wireless coverage in the whole building

  • Unique channel blanket technology providing
    WiFi coverage for the whole building like
    a single access point.
  • The only 802.11n system enabling full ‘n’
    speed in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, even with
    presence of legacy b/g/a devices
  • Tri-Radio access point with integrated antennas
  • Works in mixed 802.11 n/a/b/g environments
    with no loss of throughput
  • Multiple protocols and interfaces are supported
  • MIMO 3x3 configuration
  • Link resilience with AP path diversity
  • Anti-breach security and built-in Rogue
    AP detection

The NetGlide WLAN, based on the unique and revolutionary channel blanket technology, makes it possible to achieve a new generation of business-class wireless infrastructure scaling from a single office to multi-building corporate campuses. NetGlide provides the only truly disruption-free introduction of maximum- performance 802.11n performance with predictable service quality.

NetGlide WLAN system reduces the complexity of RF survey and cell planning. NetGlide ultra thin APs are placed where needed for best coverage and do not require configuration. All APs use the same channel in the channel blanket architecture, and NetGlide WLAN switch coordinates the connected APS to eliminate the co-channel interference.

With all APs in the same channel, the NetGlide WLAN switch receives multiple copies of each client’s transmission and chooses the best AP to transmit the reply, making the system highly resilient to RF interference and ensures the
highest possible throughput.

Client devices move anywhere within the NetGlide channel blanket, without experiencing inter-AP handoffs, re-authentication, or latency, enabling seamless mobility for enterprise wireless LANs.

The NetGlide channel blanket architecture is a perfect match for the unpredictable coverage patterns of 802.11n APs, in an enterprise building, hotel, hospital, warehouse or production plant. Overlapping coverage from adjacent ultra thin APs is not a problem. NetGlide WLAN switch coordinates media access for all of the connected APs and eliminates co-channel interference, which leads to higher performance and more stable operation under heavy user load.

NetGlide Wifi layers on an office


NetGlide channel blanket deployment of APs permits ‘n’ and legacy ‘a/b/g’ devices to co-exist, in either band, with full speed and throughput maintained for all.


NetLight is small, portable devices that resemble security cameras. Their portability, combined with license free operation, means that once a site is ready it only takes a few hours to have your link up and running.


With all APs able to receive on the same channel, the NetGlide WLAN provides uplink path diversity for client transmissions, making the system immune to the variance in coverage caused by MIMO antenna technology.


The NetGlide ultra thin AP is equipped with integrated antennas and maintains full operation with 802.03af PoE power.


With one channel blanket all over the floor, there is no need to worry about the connectivity of roaming clients. Users can move in the covered area with total freedom and with no change in connection performance.


As all clients enjoy the full performance of 802.11n (or b/g depending on their WiFi adapter hardware) the user experience is significantly improved. There are no more access points interfering with each others, forcing the clients to switch to lower modulations, and leading to low performance and long delay


With access point controllers capable of cascading with each others, your blanket can grow to the size of the whole building and yet the users will experience the same coverage continuously.


  • No cell planning needed
  • No co-channel interference
  • Dual operational frequencies on a single ultra thin access point
  • Up to 8 APs connected to the same controller
  • Controllers available for more than 8 APs
  • Centralized power compliant with 802.11af
  • Centralized control and management
  • Zero AP to AP handoff delay


  • WiFi coverage for airports, train terminals, metro stations
  • Dense office environments with many WiFi enabled devices clients in the same floor
  • Hotels and leisure resorts
  • WiFi enabled industrial process control systems
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • University campuses, schools

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